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We at Glazebrook and Associates hope you will find the following parenting links and resources as helpful as we discovered them to be.

Top Educational Web Sites - Resources, ESL, Teaching, Blogs, Parenting, Services, E-learning, Games, Software, Homeschooling, Universities and many more. - Protect childred online!  Most parents realise they need to protect their kids online, they just don't know what exactly is involved.  This site provides loving couples with the resources they need to keep their kids safe. - parent involvement in schools is much more than parent conferences and PTO's... this web site provides resources to learn about practical ways in which schools are involving parents.  Read about parent involvement strategies that are working for others - and that could work for you. - Here you'll find hundreds of ideas on how parents can make a difference, how they can help their child succeed and how teachers can encourage parents to be more involved in their child's education. - Parent Coach Plan is the perfect tool for taming your difficult child.  Modeled after respected treatment centers from around the country, this simple and effective home-based discipline program provides the information and tools needed for effective parenting. - In his book "Preventing Addiction", Dr. John Fleming shares his research on drug and alcohol prevention, ideas to prevent drug use, and explains benefits of drug prevention. - information from the U.S. Department of Education on how parental involvement in the "parents as teachers" program will benefit children. - Alan Greene, M.D., provides thorough answers to pediatric questions.  Topics include bed-wetting, ear infections, eating/nutrition, potty training, and sleeping.  Also Online chat sessions where you can ask the doctor questions in real-time!  - IEL Tip Sheets (in English, Spanish, Chinese and Polish) are easy-to-read, one-page resources on a variety of topics of interest to parents and teachers of young children.  Find recent Tip Sheets; see a list of all Tip Sheets; or search by Illinois Learning Area or category, such as Parenting and Family Life, Mathematics and Fine Arts.  This website is sponsored by the Illinois State Board of Education. - Activity ideas from Jean Warren now available monthly on the internet for both parents and teachers. - here you can find anything from education and parenting information to resources for your kitchen and your personal finances. offers information on prenatal and family health, as well as baby's growth and development.  You'll also find features on adoption, beauty, relationships, work, and family finances.  With authoritative advice from leading doctors, psychologists, and experts in the field, makes advice, support, and parenting information available to all families -- whenever they can find the time to log on.
This resource guide contains links to helpful sites and valuable information that will help parents navigate every stage of their child’s life from before they are born through 18 years old and even longer.
A guide for parents about making sure kids get the rest they need.
This guide helps kids, teens and students better understand what it means to be financially literate. It offers information on ways to budget, save and exercise practical money skills while preparing for student loans, credit cards, and a good credit history. One in five young individuals lack even the basic knowledge about finances, which is why this site’s goal is to help change this statistic and offer materials that prepare youth for a successful transition to adulthood.
This site has many additional resource links; from the baby who won’t stop crying to the teen who is determined to defy you, these resources have you covered. As you journey through the different stages and challenges of parenthood, it helps to have a set of reliable resources that you can refer to for questions or concerns. Discover 50 high-quality and informative parenting resources for children ages 0 to 18 that can help you become a better parent.
Tips on keeping children safe in public places. Including tips on doing a risk assessment on public places and tips for stress-free family day outs.
Fractus Learning is a global team of expert educators, leaders, makers and creators working passionately to share the best techniques, tools and toys for meaningful learning. This site includes a section for parents.
Provides some interesting homemade toy building ideas, chemistry experiments and design projects that you can use to keep kids focused while still being able to learn and have fun.
In an effort to raise awareness about substance abuse and addiction, this organization has created a guide that every parent should have in order to educate themselves, as well as their children about this issue.
A definitive guide to co-parenting.  For anyone currently undergoing – or anticipating – a divorce or separation, and feel worried about the welfare of their children, this guide will help.

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